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    The benefits of using our fleet management software

    Increase productivity

    Digitally streamline processes with our easy- to- use platform, saving time optimising workflows and increasing overall fleet productivity.

    Reduce costs

    Significantly reduce fleet operational costs by monitoring data insights and implementing measures to increase the efficiency of your fleet.

    Improve safety

    Compliance our DVSA- compliant system ensures the safety of your fleet through regular maintenance checks, audits and driver monitoring.

    Backed by the best

    Prolius is a validated and approved supplier of the Driver& Vehicle Standards Agency( DVSA), working in accordance with them to provide a comprehensive DVSA- compliant fleet management solution .
    As part of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme( FORS), Prolius is constantly striving towards and maintaining exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection .
    Customisable features to meet your business needs

    The Prolius Fleet Management system provides a comprehensive range of modules for all vehicle types, enhancing compliance and fleet performance with real-time data.

    Integrate with anything

    Empowering business growth with insight through telematics
    Driving business growth with valuable insights from telematics
    Enhancing business growth with valuable telematics insights

    Digitising your fleet operations

    Digital Transformation

    Reduce unnecessary paperwork and save time on admin and manual tasks through the use of automated reports and workflows.

    Real Time Tracking

    Track all your assets and workflows to optimise your fleet and gain complete visibility across your entire fleet operations from a single place.

    Data insights

    Use real-time data to make more informed decisions, quicker and improve efficiency across your operations.

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    What our clients say

    Prolius has digitised the way in which drivers carry out walk around checks, giving managers real-time visibility and ensuring vehicles are fit for purpose.



    Prolius enables us to communicate and receive business critical information, data and images with our field-based operatives in real-time.
    The impact that Prolius has had on our business cannot be underestimated



    Prolius provides innovative and highly professional services to deliver software solutions to process problems. We are now able to manage our vehicles more efficiently while making substantial cost savings across all areas of our fleet operation.


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